Commercial HVAC Replacement in Des Moines

Every business owner understands they need a working HVAC system for their employees and customers. A residential HVAC system will not work in this type of setting, which is why you need a commercial HVAC expert to handle the installation process. Advanced Problem Solutions is ready to help.

Our company has been helping business owners in Central Iowa for over 25 years now, and we would love to assist you with your commercial HVAC replacement. We work with you to find the system that meets your needs and budget. Our goal is to find a system that provides the performance you desire while offering the maximum level of efficiency.

When Should You Replace Your Commercial HVAC System in Des Moines?

Our team helps you find the best solution for your needs. We recommend a new system when repairs will exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new unit or when the system is ten years of age or older. This new system will come with brand-new parts and a warranty, so you will not need to worry about repairs in the coming months or years.

If a repair is required, the warranty will cover the cost of the repair. However, as a business owner, you must know what is required to keep the warranty in place. For instance, you must have the system maintained by a professional every year under most warranty programs. We will perform this maintenance for you to maintain the warranty coverage.

Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Unit in Des Moines

Each building comes with unique requirements. The location of the building and its size are two things we consider when making a recommendation for a new commercial HVAC system. For instance, we measure the square footage of the building and use this information to design and plan the installation project.

Our technicians undergo training to ensure they don’t overlook any detail when they determine which system is right for the business. HVAC sizing is only one piece of the equation. The team must also consider the building’s ventilation. They need to ensure the treated air can make its way through the entire building.

The ventilation system works to remove odors. It keeps dust and debris to a minimum. Furthermore, this ventilation system helps control humidity levels in the building.

The right design ensures the HVAC system meets its intended goals. Our team considers the heating and cooling aspects, along with the ventilation, the ductwork, and more, when designing your system.

The Commercial HVAC System Installation Process in Des Moines

When we come to your property to replace your HVAC system, we handle every step of the process. This includes physically removing the old system before moving the new unit into place. Our technicians respect your property as they carry out this step of the process and treat it as if it is their own.

This portion of the project is often complex. That is why so many companies in Des Moines rely on us for this work. They know we will be professional at every step of the process and never cut corners for our benefit. Your interests always come first with us.

Before we leave the property, we ensure every aspect of the system works as intended. We test the unit because we want to make certain it provides the desired benefits. In addition, our technicians explain how to operate the system and answer your questions so you know how to operate the HVAC unit and get the highest level of performance when doing so.

Upgrades for Your Des Moines Commercial HVAC System

Our team can upgrade your system if you desire. Upgrades you may wish to consider include additional building controls or changes to the ductwork system. In addition, talk with the technician about upgrades to the ventilation system, ones that may help reduce energy usage while ensuring everyone in the building has outstanding air quality.

We work with each client to determine how to optimize their HVAC system. For some, this will be ductwork upgrades. Others find their system works better with ventilation upgrades, while some clients find they don’t want or need any upgrades. It is always your choice with these items, as it is your system. You know best what is required for your company.

We are here to help you choose the right HVAC system for your needs. Once the system is in place, call us when you need the system maintained, inspected, or repaired. Our customers know they can count on us in their time of need thanks to our established track record. We are ready to help with your HVAC needs at all times.