Commercial HVAC Repair in Des Moines

As a business owner, the last thing you want to learn is that your HVAC system needs repair. Your first thought will be about the cost of the repair and whether a repair will be enough to resolve the problem. You might look at a new system if the repair is too costly.

Once your mind wraps around the expense of the repair, you wonder how this will affect your daily operations. Will your employees be too hot or too cold to carry out their normal duties? Will the lack of heat or cool air lead to customers going to a competitor?

No business owner wants to worry about these problems. Call Advanced Problem Solutions (APS) and we will take care of your repair needs. Our team handles jobs of all sizes, so we will fix your minor system issue or redesign the entire system so it better meets your needs.

We handle it all. Call us for your commercial HVAC repair in Des Moines and have peace of mind knowing we will have the system up and running again in the shortest time possible.

Why Call APS When You Need Commercial HVAC Repair in Des Moines?

You have choices for your HVAC provider. Why should you choose Advanced Problem Solutions when you find you need commercial HVAC repair? Our technicians undergo training to ensure they know how to diagnose and repair your refrigeration systems properly. You need proper repairs to keep the system running optimally.

We have been serving clients in Central Iowa for over 25 years now and would love to help you resolve your commercial HVAC system issues. Our goal is to find those solutions that suit your situation, fit your budget, and ensure your systems run efficiently.

Furnace repair is only one of several services we offer to our customers. Contact us if you have problems with indoor air quality, want to discuss a replacement commercial HVAC system, or need maintenance on your current HVAC system in Des Moines. We help clients with these tasks and more, so set up your appointment today.

Additional HVAC Repairs

You might assume the problem lies in the HVAC unit. Our technicians understand they must check every part of the system to find all problems. For example, leaks in the ductwork can lead to certain parts of the building being hotter or colder than others.

This is only one of many problems outside of the HVAC unit that cause your heating and cooling issues. We find these problems, so you can be comfortable in your business once again and keep your energy costs under control.

Repair or Replace Your Commercial HVAC Unit in Des Moines?

The cost of a new commercial HVAC unit may not be in your budget right now. If additional work is required, such as new ductwork, the cost increases significantly. For this reason, you may look to repair the unit before anything else. We are happy to do this task for you.

However, we want to ensure you get the most value for your money. At times, we may recommend you replace the system rather than repair it. For example, we often recommend you replace a system that is 15 to 20 years old rather than repair it.

While we can make the required repairs, the system could break down again in the coming weeks and months, as the system has undergone significant wear and tear over the years. It is often less expensive to replace it than to make repairs continuously.

New systems are more energy efficient. This allows you to save money each month. If we believe upgrading to a new system will be more cost-effective than a repair, we share this information with you. We’ll explain why we believe this is the case.

When you find repair costs are increasing significantly, it may be time for a replacement. If the repair is 50 percent or more of what you would spend on a new unit, we recommend a replacement. Our goal is to save you money, regardless of what this involves. In addition, the new unit comes with a warranty, which helps you save on future repair costs.

Finally, consider the downtime associated with these repairs. Are you losing business because your business is too hot or too cold? Are you losing employees because they frequently work in unpleasant conditions? If so, we recommend you replace the system rather than have a repair completed.

Advanced Problem Solutions wants to be the only commercial HVAC service provider you need. Call us today to discuss any issues you are experiencing. We will send a technician to examine your system, find the source of the problem, and resolve it. This allows you to focus on growing your business, as you know your HVAC system is being cared for properly.