Boiler Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

First-time business and homeowners in Des Moines often make the same mistake. They wait until something is wrong with their heating systems to start looking for local contractors that can help. Most more experienced business and homeowners realize that that’s a problem. It makes far more sense to provide boilers and other building or home heating equipment with preventative maintenance to safeguard their ability to keep functioning as intended than it does to wait until something goes wrong. In other words, be proactive, not reactive.

Routine boiler maintenance keeps these vital heating units running as intended by giving a trained technician the chance to inspect every system component and perform a complete tune-up, ideally before the heating season begins. The results are a more efficient heating system and lower chances of experiencing costly and potentially dangerous mid-season breakdowns.

When to Schedule Boiler Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

Experts agree that business and homeowners should have their boilers serviced at least once a year, especially in cold climates like ours where winter really takes its toll. Most manufacturers do more than recommend annual maintenance, too. They require it to maintain warranties. It’s also worth noting here that manufacturers’ warranties almost always stipulate that annual maintenance be performed by a licensed technician.

There’s some disagreement about when the best time is to perform routine boiler maintenance. Some people prefer to have their units checked at the end of the season in the spring, while others prefer to wait until the fall to call and schedule a boiler tune-up. There are advantages to both timing regimens.

Scheduling maintenance for the spring maximizes the amount of time you’ll have to make repairs or replace the unit if something is seriously wrong. Waiting until right before the start of the next home heating season allows less time for repairs or replacements, but it can be more effective. The majority of boiler issues occur in the first few hours after the boiler is turned on for the first time in the season. If one of our dedicated technicians is there when it happens, there’s less likelihood of serious system failures.

Identify Minor Problems With Boilers in Des Moines, IA, Before They Get Worse

One of the best things about scheduling annual boiler maintenance is that it offers us the chance to identify minor problems, including excessive wear, that haven’t yet become obvious to our clients. Resolving those problems before they get worse and start to cause more damage helps to keep repair bills low and extends your boiler’s longevity. Because boilers have such long life expectancies, they see a lot of wear and tear. Older units often need some extra care to prevent unexpected, mid-winter breakdowns.

Ensure Boiler Functionality and Efficiency in Des Moines, IA

Some issues can be avoided entirely with preventative maintenance. One good example is bleeding air out of the system. To transfer heat to the business or home’s radiators, the system must be free from trapped air, which could block hot water from getting to where it’s most needed. During a pre-season preventative maintenance check, the boiler technician can open manual air vents to allow trapped air to escape and check automatic air vents to ensure that they are working as intended.

Protect Your Family’s Safety With Boiler Maintenance in Des Moines, IA- how do we reword this?

Our preventative maintenance inspections involve checking expansion tanks for pressure issues and maintaining circulation pumps to make sure they are properly lubricated. During a preventative maintenance visit, our techs will also check your heating system’s control and safety devices. They’ll look at not just thermostats and aquastats but also safety switches, relief valves, and zone relay controls to ensure that they are all functional.

Failure of control devices can leave your heating system operating below maximum efficiency levels, and may even prevent it from working, entirely. Safety device malfunctions can expose your business or home to serious dangers, including carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and flooding. We’re not mentioning any of these worst-case scenarios just to scare you. We’re mentioning them because you need to know what’s at stake.

Schedule Boiler Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

Advanced Problem Solutions is prepared to offer boiler maintenance services whenever they’re needed. We know how to inspect and maintain all types of boilers, including both steam and hot water models. Our techs also have plenty of experience working with older boiler heating systems, so you don’t have to worry. We’ll always treat your business and home’s heating system with the respect and care it deserves. Call (515) 612-9434 to schedule a boiler inspection and tune-up today.