Air Purifier Installation in Des Moines, IA

Homeowners understand the importance of smoke detectors. They alert the family to smoke or fire in the home so everyone can get out safely. However, countless homes lack another device that also protects their health, and they shouldn’t.

An air purifier improves indoor air quality, which is always important. Trees clean the air outdoors, and air purifiers do the same for the interior of the home. The EPA reports indoor air is dirtier today than outdoor air, so every person should speak to an HVAC technician about air purifier installation. When doing so, what do they need to know? 

What is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers capture and remove harmful pollutants in the air. If the pollutants cannot be removed for any reason, the purifier neutralizes them. This includes volatile organic compounds, pollen, plant spores, and more. The machine is also capable of capturing mold, dust mites, pet hair, dander, and tobacco. 

Imagine a machine that can rid the home of mildew, fungi, cat litter odors, and viruses. This machine exists in the form of an air purifier. This device also removes pesticides, aerosols, toxins, cooking smells, and more. The home smells better and the occupants breathe easier when the owner invests in professional air purifier installation services in Des Moines. 

Who Benefits From the Installation of an Air Purifier? 

All family members benefit when the homeowner installs an air purifier. However, individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions, such as asthma or allergies, find the purifier can be a key component in their treatment plan. 

Home Purifier Options

Air Purifiers come in several forms. Media or traditional air purifiers clean the air through filtration. These appliances contain fans that push the air through one or more filters to clean the air.

Today, many traditional air purifiers connect to the home’s HVAC system and make use of high-efficiency particulate air filters to remove the largest number of particulates. If a HEPA filter is unavailable, choose another filter with a high minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, rating. 

UV air purifiers are among the air purifier installation services in Des Moines offered today. This device uses a shortwave UV light to neutralize or kill pathogens in the air. Many HVAC companies install this type of air purifier along with other air filters to remove more airborne particulates. 

Media air purifiers with photocatalytic oxidation are another option homeowners should consider. They combine a traditional air purifier with a UV light and PCO filter. The PCO filter comes coated with titanium dioxide, which allows the device to collect more pollutants. The UV light shines on the filter to neutralize the particulates. 

Ionizers, also known as electronic air cleaners, use electrically charged filters to clean the air. A pre-filter in the unit captures large particulate matter. The air then travels through electrically charged filters to capture smaller particulates. 

Today, air purification systems typically use a combination of these devices to provide the cleanest air. All options come in both portable and whole-house versions. How should a homeowner decide between the two? 

Whole-House or Portable Air Purifier? 

Individuals who select a whole-house air purifier find they must choose between one that is installed in-line in the main air duct in the home or one that is built into the HVAC system. If the homeowner chooses the second option, the purifier will be installed when the home is built or when they install a new HVAC system. The cost of retrofitting this type of purifier is too high to have it put in after the system is in place. 

However, either purifier runs when the HVAC system is operating. To keep the air in the home clean, the HVAC system must run all year. Those who don’t want to upgrade the existing system should choose the in-line air purifier. 

A portable air purifier provides similar benefits. However, it doesn’t clean the air throughout the home. Multiple units will be needed for clean air throughout the residence. 

Speak with an experienced HVAC technician to determine the right options for a specific home. The key is to find an air purifier that is energy efficient and offers the desired level of performance.

When speaking to the technician, learn about the maintenance requirements of different units, the warranty that comes with each option, and more. The more a homeowner knows about air purifiers and what is available, the easier it becomes to find the right one for the home. 

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