AC Replacement in Des Moines, IA

Homeowners don’t want to pay for an AC replacement in Des Moines, even when they know this investment will allow them to be comfortable in the home. If the day has come when you need to replace your existing AC unit, call Advanced Problem Solutions.

Our team helps you find the right unit for your home and handle the installation process so you have confidence the unit works efficiently from day one. We are the only AC replacement team in Des Moines that you need.

Our team installs quality brands to ensure you have years of reliable climate control. Reach out to us today, so your home will be at a comfortable temperature once again.

Why Should You Consider AC Replacement in Des Moines, IA?

An old air conditioning unit doesn’t operate efficiently, which means you are probably paying more in energy bills each month. You never know if the system will work from day to day, and the unit may not cool the air in the home evenly. Some rooms might remain cool while others are hot. In addition, as the unit ages, you face high repair bills. An AC replacement resolves these issues.

What Signs Should You Look for That Suggest You Need AC Replacement in Des Moines?

If the air conditioner is over ten years old, it’s time to consider replacing it. Maybe the unit no longer cools the home to the desired temperature or your energy bills are climbing.

It might be you notice the air conditioner runs nonstop or you have to keep lowering the thermostat to ensure the unit stays on. Call us if you notice the AC no longer cools all parts of the home.

When the technician visits the home, they determine whether a repair will resolve the issue you are experiencing. However, if you find we are visiting the home regularly for repairs or if the cost of the repair is over 50 percent of the cost of a new unit, it’s time to look into replacing the AC. The key to a successful AC replacement project lies in finding the right unit for the home.

Finding the Right Air Conditioning System in Des Moines

An air conditioning unit is only effective if you select the right model. What factors need to be considered when making this choice?

The first thing you must decide is what type of system you would like for the home. Some homes benefit from window units, while other homeowners decide a central air conditioning unit best meets their needs. One option you should not overlook is a ductless mini-split system. Our technician will discuss all system options with you to help you find the right style for your needs.

Installation cost is also important when discussing AC replacement in Des Moines. Many people focus solely on the cost of installing the actual AC unit. However, they need to factor in the cost of adding or updating the ductwork and other expenses.

You may need a portable or window unit until you can cover the full cost of installation. We want to ensure you have a cool home while remaining within your budget and will help you find the best solution.

The most important factor when planning an AC replacement project is the size of the AC unit. The new unit must be able to cool the home effectively and the size determines whether this is the case. If the unit is too big, you spend more than you need to each month on your energy bills. When the unit is too small, you’ll find the home never reaches the desired temperature.

Our technician completes a load calculation to ensure they appropriately size the unit for the home. This is only one of many steps we take when determining which unit is right for your residence.

In addition, we take into consideration the energy efficiency of different models to help you save on energy bills each month. We also look at the performance of each unit when making recommendations on which system is right for your home.

With our help, you can ensure you get the right AC replacement in Des Moines for your unique needs. Our trained technicians visit your home to help you make this important decision. Your AC unit will last ten years or more if properly maintained, so you want to ensure you make the right choice. We are here to make certain you do. Call us today to set up your AC replacement consultation.