Air Conditioner Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

Air conditioner maintenance in Des Moines, IA is essential to keeping your system up and running. With regular maintenance of the system, you find you can reduce the number of repairs needed. In addition, your energy costs decrease, and the system works more efficiently. Nobody wants a broken air conditioner when it is hot outside, and routine maintenance reduces the risk of this happening.

When the air in your business or home feels more humid than normal or when the air conditioner is running but the home isn’t getting cool, it might be time for air conditioner maintenance. Advanced Problem Solutions is here to help. We carry out these maintenance tasks, so your system performance improves and your business or home remains cool even on the hottest days of the year.

Maintenance Tasks That Need to be Completed Routinely

Certain maintenance tasks need to be performed regularly to boost the efficiency of the system. Some tasks you can carry out. Others, however, require the help of an HVAC professional.

Change the HVAC air filter regularly to ensure it does not become blocked with dirt and debris. Any dirt and debris in the filter can interfere with airflow and lead to the home not cooling properly.

In addition, ensure the condensate drain remains clear. This task doesn’t need to be carried out as often as changing the air filter, but it is one that you should not neglect. Furthermore, remove any debris or brush that is present around the outside unit, as these items may also interfere with proper airflow.

Have one of our technicians visit the home at least once a year and at least twice a year for your business to carry out other maintenance tasks. When they visit, they clean the condenser coils and examine the unit to see if there are any loose electrical connections or contacts.

Our technician will recharge the refrigerant during this visit. They also lubricate the bearings and motors. As they complete these tasks, they look for any parts that appear to be in danger of failing. If they see any parts that need attention, they alert you. This allows you to have repairs made before they lead to a system breakdown.

The Type of Unit and AC Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

To determine which AC maintenance tasks you must complete, you need to consider the type of system you have in the home. A split system unit includes an indoor and outdoor unit and relies on ductwork to move treated air throughout the business or home. When maintaining the system, inspect the ductwork because any problems in this part of the system affect the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Mini-split units come with an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. This system has no ductwork, as each unit cools a room or zone. However, a mini-split unit also requires maintenance, as does a packaged air conditioner that sits outside.

Our technician helps you determine which tasks you need to complete and which tasks they should come out and do based on the system you have. Furthermore, they help you determine when your system needs repairs or if you need to replace the system based on what they see during these maintenance visits. We want to ensure you have a working air conditioner when the temperature rises and we designed our AC maintenance in Des Moines, IA with that in mind.

Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance in Des Moines, IA?

With many HVAC companies in Des Moines today, you may ask yourself why you should choose Advanced Problem Solutions. We are experts in what we do, as we have been serving the residents of Central Iowa for over 25 years now. Our technicians undergo training regularly to ensure they can handle any problem that arises with your system. They also know the latest in maintenance recommendations to ensure they overlook nothing when they visit your business or home to complete this task.

You want and need a working air conditioner during the summer months. Our maintenance tasks focus on improving the efficiency and performance of your AC so it will keep your business and home cool without breaking your budget. If your system needs repairs or a new system is called for, we can help with these tasks as well.

Contact us today to set up a maintenance appointment. We are available to help you in any way we can. We put your interests first and will help you find the best solution for any HVAC problem you are experiencing. All you need to do is ask.